We Provide the following SERVICEs.


In a quest to ensure sustainable interventions, AFORD implements projects in health and Livelihoods and incorporation of Research and Learning in all projects.

We focus on three main areas:


With a focus on Sexual and reproductive health, maternal and child health and HIV/AIDS, we seek to promote global health and the sustainable development goals through projects that support the poor segments of communities in Kenya.


AFORD support livelihoods and skills transfer amongst youths, through income generating programmes, improving agricultural produtivity and supporting entrepreneurship.  AFORD supported youths in Nairobi to assemble and market improved cookstoves and fireless cookers within beyond Nairobi County; this has made it possible for families to afford fuel efficient cookstoves, reduce global emissions, as well as deliver health benefits to women and children, and reduces fuel requirements to prevent deforestation and save time and money.

Research and Learning

AFORD pilot new ideas, evaluate and promote  replication.

AFORD implements two evidence based interventions for youth namely; healthy choices I & II and Families Matter!


Families Matter Program (FMP) is an evidence-based, parent-focused intervention for parents, guardians, and other primary caregivers of pre-adolescents ages 9–12 years. Its goal is to reduce sexual risk behavior among adolescents, including delaying onset of sexual debut, by training parents to deliver primary prevention messages to their children. The program promotes positive parenting practices such as positive reinforcement and parental monitoring and effective parent-child communication on sexual topics and sexual risk reduction. FMP supports parents so they can convey their own values and expectations about sexual behavior to their children and provide their children with important messages related to HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STI), and pregnancy prevention.