About Us


Our Identity

Action For Research and Development Programme (AFORD) is a Kenyan Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in 2009, 

serving the vulnerable youth, the marginalized and the poor by facilitating access to basic health, social and economic needs through capacity building, skill training, education, advocacy and action research.



The central focus of the Organization is therefore, to test new ideas in youth development for replication and provision of information and knowledge resources for youth population with the conviction that access to information and empowerment fundamentally contributes to positive wellbeing and development of youth.


Our Purpose: We pilot new ideas for replication, deliver sexual and reproductive health knowledge and information for women, youth and adolescents, work to provide social and economic empowerment to susceptible youth. This way, we fundamentally aim to contribute to the development, health and well-being of youth and women.





Our mandate:


*Pilot and demonstrate innovative options


*Promote youth and women empowerment


*Support youth and women information networks


*Conduct action research


*Share and exchange best pratises

Our belief:

AFORD was created to bring new resources and opportunities to youth, women and poor in the communities we work. We believe that supporting youth, women and the marginalized people is key to development rejuvenation and sustainability of a Nation. Our work is anchored on people’s centred design in which we work with communities to design social products and services. These products and services are then sustained by the communities themselves.